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I'm going to note, that I am planning to do movie reviews for films I ancipate seeing and plan on actually seeing. And so, I get down to the nitty-gritty, this review of The Avengers.

So, what has been building up to this. I wasn't a fan of The Incredible Hulk, Thor and TFA were very meh, and even though I loved the first Iron Man, I hated Iron Man II.

But, this film, it helped my faith in the blockbuster, after seeing shlock like Transformers 3 and Green Lantern vomit all of the film.

So, being a cinematrography buff, this film was a superb treat. It feels like the film never goes for those annoying shaky-cam moments (only leaning into them like a few times) and it never feels too limited, it has great effect, feeling you into every shot, punch and blast thrown in the film, feels gorgeous and never feels too rigeted.

But, I love the action scenes. The film's suspense runs wild, every single second, you feel so glued to your seat, and it's that, the dialogue is actually, while I wouldn't say compelling, is great enough, that you still feel intrested and intrigued even when the action scenes aren't happening.

Add superb acting, with some marvelous performances, including Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk/BB, giving the character a tragic edge and Tom Hiddleston's brillant performance as the charming, tragic and despicable Loki, and you get a

6/6 film.

I will be doing movie reviews for future films, and full scale reviewers for films, I conderise worth the attention.

Next full-review: Moonrise Kingdom

Please pass this review around, and please don't be afraid to detail what you liked and didn't like about it.


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MasterSaruwatari Mar 3, 2014  Student Writer
neggy vs. aeilta is just too perect.
??? Would to explain please?
MasterSaruwatari Mar 29, 2014  Student Writer
And I quote: "neggy vs. aeilta is just too perect."
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And happy b-day.
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Question for Power Girl vs Kalibaak; pre-fight, battle scene, intermission or her already defeating him?
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